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Examples of the Montessori Learning Method

Reading & Writing

This is a recording of one session of an authentic Montessori certification class. These videos provide an opportunity for parents to see how a Montessori class and Montessori Directress differ from standard educational classes.

Learning Geometry, & Developing the sense of sight

The first clip shows how Geometry is introduced using the Montessori Materials. The next shows how students develop their sense of sight through color depiction and grading, using the Montessori Materials.

Learning Algebra using the Binomial Cube

This class shows an example of how children learn Algebra using Montessori materials, such as the Binomial Cube. 

Developing the sense of hearing

Montessori materials used to develop the sense of hearing, in preparation for the Bells Work and music education

Developing the sense of touch

Montessori Lessons on developing the sense of touch

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